2022 Volunteers*

<Recruit for volunteer staff>
Hello, this is Children’s Disaster Prevention Association.
Thank you for visiting application form.

Please fill out all the places below.

(連絡先 E-mail)
If you have any questions, please contact

・You need to be able to join the camp for sure.
・Available email address, phone number and full address are required.

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・Click "確認", Click "送信" just once.
(*must fill in) (*印は必須)
*FULL Name in Eng

Please write your FULL name in Alphabet
※ アルファベットでフルネームをご記載ください
ex) Jack Johnson

なまえ in JPN(日本語)

Please write down your FULL name with JAPANESE if you can.
※ 日本語で名前を入力ください
ex) ジャック ジョンソン

*Sex 性別

※ 性別をご選択ください

*Nationality 国籍
*Category 専門区分

*E-mal メールアドレス

※ メールアドレスをご記入ください(連絡用)

*Cell phone 携帯電話 --

If you don't have your cellphone,you can't join our camp. The phone number which you can't receive our call is not acceptable.
※ 携帯電話番号をご記入ください(または連絡用電話番号)

*Birthday 誕生日   


*Blood type 血液型

*Date of Camps

Choose the date you can certainly join.The schedule not showing on the list is suspended for new applications. Thank you!

*Address line 1

please fill out in Japanese(if you cannot, fill out in English)
we may send mail, please fill out your full address correctly including your room number

Address line 2

#101 Ichigeki-apart
※ 部屋番号・建物名を入力。不要の場合は未入力

*City 市町村

ex) さいたま市
※ 市区町村

*ZIP 郵便番号

※Please don't use "-".


ex) Saitama-ken
※ 都道府県を入力します。

*Country (Adress)

ex) Japan
※ 国名(住所)


*Afflication 所属

Those who are a student write your school's name.
Those who are a worker write your company name.

Ex)XYZ university
※ 学生さんは所属の学校の名前、社会人の方は会社名・組織名などをご記入ください。

*JPN Level 日本語レベル

About your Japanese Level of speaking and Listening.
※ 日本語のレベルをご記入ください。

* ENG level 英語レベル

※ 英語のレベルをご記入ください。

*food allergy 食物アレルギー

Is there any foods or beverages that you cannot take because of your religion, creed, health or any other reasons?
※ 食物アレルギー または 宗教上の理由で食べられないもの

food restrictions 1 食事制限


food restrictions 2 食事制限

If you have any food restrictions, please tell us about the details?
Please let us know if you have religious reasons
(Example: Halal)

Public bathhouse 公共のお風呂

If you have any reason you cannot take the Public bathhouse, please check this.

*Times to join "Bousai camp"

How many times did you join our "Bousai camp for kids"
※ 防災キャンプの参加回数をご記入ください。

*Times to join "English camp"

International and English Camp by The Recovery Assistance Center of MIYAGI

*How did you find this event?

Remarks 備考
*Certification 確認

If there is no problem with your final confirmation of the bellow, please click "送信" after you click check

It could take for a while until your form will be sent after you click "送信". Click "送信" just once. If you click more than twice, your application will be duplicated.

<Final Conformation>
(1)You must be able to join the camp for sure.
(2)You must have both an email address and a phone number which we can contact to you directly.
(3)You just need to pay the transportation fee from your house to meeting place.
(4)You need to join as a volunteer.

(1)You can apply if you can join the camp for sure. We need to know certain number of people before we reserve accommodation. You don't have to pay for accommodation and food.
(2)We are going to tell elementary school students about you and your country before the camp. If you cancel it, they are going to be really sad. So please make sure if you can join the camp for sure before you apply.