volunteers 九州

<Recruit for volunteer staff>
Hello, this is Children’s Disaster Prevention Association.
Thank you for visiting application form.

Please fill out all the places below.

(連絡先 E-mail)
If you have any questions, please contact

・You need to be able to join the camp FOR SURE.
・Available email address, phone number and full address are required.

<When you send the application from>
・Click "確認", Click "送信" just once.
(*must fill in) (*印は必須)
*FULL Name in Eng

FULL Name in Eng

なまえ in JPN(日本語)

Please write down your FULL name with JAPANESE if you can.
※ 日本語で名前を入力ください
ex) ジャック ジョンソン

*Sex 性別

Male / 男性
Female / 女性
Other / その他

*Nationality 国籍
*Category 専門区分

*E-mail メールアドレス

※ メールアドレスをご記入ください(連絡用)
we will send information and details of the camp which you applied.

*Cell phone 携帯電話 --

If you don't have your cellphone,you can't join our camp. The phone number which you can't receive our call is not acceptable.
※ 携帯電話番号をご記入ください(または連絡用電話番号)

*Birthday 誕生日   


*Blood type 血液型

*Date of Camps

★Please kindly check your schedule once again,choose the date you can join FOR SURE.

*Address line 1

ex)大田区花町1−1−1 101号室
please fill out in Japanese(if you cannot, fill out in English)
we may send mail, please fill out your full address correctly including your room number

Address line 2

Please DO NOT fill out

*City 市町村

ex) さいたま市
※ 市区町村

*ZIP 郵便番号

※Please don't use "-".


ex) Saitama-ken
※ 都道府県を入力します。

*Country (Adress)

ex) Japan
※ 国名(住所)


*Afflication 所属

Those who are a student write your school's name.
Those who are a worker write your company name.

Ex)XYZ university
※ 学生さんは所属の学校の名前、社会人の方は会社名・組織名などをご記入ください。

*JPN Level 日本語レベル

About your Japanese Level of speaking and Listening.
※ 日本語のレベルをご記入ください。

* ENG level 英語レベル

※ 英語のレベルをご記入ください。

*food allergy 食物アレルギー

Is there any foods or beverages that you cannot take because of your religion, creed, health or any other reasons?
※ 食物アレルギー または 宗教上の理由で食べられないもの

*food restriction

その他をお選びの方は次のfood restrictions 2の欄にご記入ください
please check your food restrictions which you cannot eat below.
※if you choose "other" please fill in the the next box(food restrictions 2)

food restrictions 2 食事制限

If you have any food restrictions, please tell us about the details?
Please let us know if you have religious reasons
(Example: Halal)

Public bathhouse 公共のお風呂

If you have any reason you cannot take the Public bathhouse, please check this.

*Times to join "Bousai camp"

How many times did you join our "Bousai camp for kids"
※ 防災キャンプの参加回数をご記入ください。

*English camp

Times to join "English camp"
(International and English Camp by The Recovery Assistance Center of MIYAGI)

*about this event

How did you find this event?

Remarks 備考
*Certification 確認

If there is no problem with your final confirmation of the bellow, please click "送信" after you click check

It could take for a while until your form will be sent after you click "送信". Click "送信" just once. If you click more than twice, your application will be duplicated.

<Final Conformation>
(1)You must be able to join the camp for sure.
(2)You must have both an email address and a phone number which we can contact to you directly.
(3)You just need to pay the transportation fee from your house to meeting place.
(4)You need to join as a volunteer.