Entry sheet for marathon of EarthRunClub

Please send this entry sheet after entering requirements on this page.
You will pay the participation fee on the day.
Press a left button "登録 (register) " on the bottom after filling in.
Next, press a left button "送信 (send) " on the bottom.
(* can't be blank.) (*印は必須)
*Marathon name

Events will differ at each marathon competition.
You need to check on the official website.

*First name
*Last name

*Date of birth


*E-mai address

The information e-mail will arrive from the marathon office one week before the event.

*day phone
Post code or ZIp cord
address line2

Mail will not be delivered to this address from the competition secretariat.
If you are a traveler、You can write the address of the accommodation in Japan.


*phone numde